Our process

At Bite Solutions Dentist, our goal is to help you or your patients manage the oral facial pain they experience. We achieve this by:

Step 1: Gather Information

The patient is asked to fill out a questionnaire found on our website, so we can be ready for your initial appointment.

Step 2: Consultation

60 Minute one-on-one visit with Dr. Fisher for a full medical history, exam, and a discussion about your diagnosis.

Step 3: Medical Workup

After the diagnosis has been assessed,
hi-tech jaw tracking and CAT scan studies will be done at Bite Solutions state-of-the-art lab to create your custom orthotic.

Step 4: Orthotic Implementation

Your custom, removable orthotic will be fitted. This orthotic is usually worn for 90-120 days to provide complete symptom relief and healing.

Step 5: Re-Assessment

After completion of the orthotic wear duration, we consider what the long term solutions will be.


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