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Most people know that sleep disorders are a common problem. There are other causes of sleep problems, but sleep disordered breathing is the most common. This is commonly known as “sleep apnea”. Health problems related to sleep apnea include:

  1. Daytime fatigue
  2. High blood pressure or heart problems
  3. Increased chance of diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  4. Complications with medicine or surgery
  5. Liver problems
  6. Sleep deprived partners

Sleep doctors often treat this with CPAP to force air under pressure. Other solutions are directed to opening the airway so air doesn’t have to be forced. These include surgery, implanted electrical devices, and dental sleep devices. The dental sleep device is the least invasive of
the three.

We work with board certified sleep physicians so your case can be diagnosed properly. If the sleep doctor feels that a dental sleep device will treat part or all of your sleep apnea, they will refer to us.

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